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Career Coaching Program

Middle School Career Coaching Program

We are pleased to offer a FREE new Middle School Career Coaching Program for our afterschool and summer students! This program is funded through a NC Department of Public Instruction grant to help students create high school and career action plans, determine their personal aptitude skills and develop career literacy, as as well as student-parent workshops. 

The Career Coaching Program's Three Main Goals Include:

1.     Develop an afterschool-based program to help at-risk students in grades 6th-9th, create and implement a High school/ Postsecondary Action Plan and a Career Action Plan. 

2.     Help at-risk students in grades 6th-9th who have been negatively affected by Covid-19 school interruptions pass their classes and EOG/EOC tests. 

3.     Support parent involvement and staff training to help at-risk, 6th-9th grade students achieve academic and career success. 


·       Guest Speakers

·       Arizona Middle School Career Curriculum 

·       Exposure to various careers and fields

·       Help with middle school selection and  high school placement

·       Twice a week, 1 hour long

Dr. Kathy Griswold introduced middle school students to different career choices.

Our December guest speaker, Dr. Kathy Griswold, started her career in the corporate world. But after struggling to understand why her young, bright and happy son went from loving school to struggle and dread, she embarked on a mission to find answers. During her quest to make sense of why some students go from happy kindergarteners to unmotivated adolescents, Dr. Griswold became a passionate advocate for students and families and has devoted her career to helping adolescents find academic success. 

To learn more about Dr. Griswold and her work go to

The December session highlighted introduction about different careers and college choices and interests. Students had a chance to interact and talk to each about ways they can be successful in middle and high school. Students learned about different character traits and skills that they need for future career paths. 

This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for upcoming events in the next couple of months…