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Parent Workshops/Advisory Board

Parent Updates

Attendance Ice Cream Party

Our next attendance party will be June 6th. We hope all of our students will be able to participate. Thank you for helping to maintain your child's attendance.




Attendance Pizza Party

As part of our grant requirement, all students must attend on a regular basis (80%) out of the week. Thank you for helping to maintain your child's attendance. 




Easter Egg Hunt

We will be having our annual fun filled easter egg hunt for all children on Friday, April 8th. We are kindly asking for donated plastic eggs and individually wrapped candy.

New Before School Hours
The new hours for before school are 7:00 AM-9:00 AM

Late Arrival Policy

1st late pick-up: 1st Warning
2nd late pick-up: FINAL Warning
3rd late pick-up: Child will be SUSPENDED the next CSA school day

Parent Workshops

May Parent Workshop

Thank you to all our parents who participated in our May parent workshop. Parents learned about tips, strategies, and best practices to support their children in the  during standardized testing. We wish all the best of luck to our scholars on their EOG’s.  Very special thanks to our teachers, Brenda Santiago, Joy Price and Tamara Dial for hosting an outstanding event. 


Love My Selfie: Our parents enjoyed an engaging evening full of treats and information about skills to help build their child’s self-esteem and confidence. Dr. Terri Williams presented effective ways to talk with children and what it takes to be an involved parent. February Valentine selfies were a great way to end the night. 


Every Child is Snow Special: In an evening filled with mingling, fun and tasty refreshments, our parents learned the ins and outs of accessing PowerSchool and Canvas to help support their child's academic success. Stay connected with us and see what other parent events we have in store this school year. 

Parent Resources


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Parent Advisory Board